The city of Utrecht is de provincial capital of Utrecht. By number of inhabitants, 311.254, it is the Netherland’s 4th city.

During the middle ages, Utrecht was the ecclesiastical centre of the Netherlands. Up to date, Utrecht houses 8 medieval churches and cathedrals. Rising to 112 meter, the Dom tower is de highest church tower in the Netherlands and can be seen from anywhere in the city. B&B Gregorius is just around the corner from the Dom tower.

Also very characteristic of the city are the canals with it is canal-side cellars, which are unique in the world.

Utrecht is a major cultural city, harbouring many festivals and events, ranging from monument day to theatre festival, and the annual Dutch Film Festival to a wide range of music festivals.

De Parade
Liszt Concours
Latin American Filmfestival
Festival ad Werf
Festival Oude Muziek
Nederands Film festival
Cit2Cities internationaal literatuurfestival
Trajectum Lumen
Vrede van Utrecht (2013)