B&B Gregorius at the Nieuwegracht

Like the name implicates the ‘Nieuwegracht’ is newer than the most famous canal in Utrecht: the ‘ Oudegracht’. Together with de Kromme Nieuwgracht, de Drift and the Plompetorengracht, the canal was realised between 1390 and 1393, dissecting an area of sparse construction within the city walls. The most probable reason is to improve water drainage as preparation for planned city construction. Possibly the canal partly followed pre-existing natural waterways. Similar to the Oudegracht, the Nieuwegracht has the canal-side cellars along the entire length Along the entire length of the canal, similar to the Oudegracht, the Nieuwegracht has the canal side-cellars that are so characterising for the city of Utrecht. In contrary to the Oudegracht, there are almost no shops lining the streets of the Nieuwegracht. Monumental buildings define the scene and despite its central location in the historic city centre the street normally is very peaceful.

The stately and peaceful atmosphere make the Nieuwegracht an unique location to stay and enjoy Utrecht’s city life, with all major attractions at walking distance: theatres, museums, cinemas, concert venues, shops, restaurants, terraces and city parks.

We offer:
Shops, museums, cinemas, history, city parks, walking, bicycling, boating, canoeing.